Appetito Delux Cook’s Blow Torch

Appetito Delux Cook’s Blow Torch

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Prepare crème brulee, meringues, tarts and much more with the Deluxe Cook's Blow Torch from Appetito. Caramelise, brown, or toast your dishes like a professional, this easy to use blow torch features a child-resistant safety lock, gas adjustment knob to adjust flame strength, gas trigger, and continuous flow button.

  • Perfect for crème brulee, meringues, tarts & more.
  • Child-resistant safety lock.
  • Gas adjustments knob.
  • Gas trigger.
  • Continuous flow button.
  • Refillable (Triple-refined Butane lighter fluid only - not included).


  • Keep & store away from children.
  • Be sure flame is completely out after each use.
  • Never expose to heat above 40⁰C or to prolonged sunlight.
  • Ignite away from face & clothing.


1. Press the safety lock in to release the trigger.

2. Turn the gas adjustment regulator counterclockwise to release the gas.

3. Press the trigger to ignite the torch.

4. To adjust the flame, turn the gas adjustment regulator clockwise to decrease the flame strength or counterclockwise to increase the flame strength.

5. To lock flame on, press the continuous flow button; to release, press the trigger again.

6. Turn the gas adjustment regulator completely clockwise to extinguish the flame.

To Refill Gas:

1. Refill with triple-refined butane gas only (can be refilled with butane lighter fluid – not included).

2. Make sure the flame is fully extinguished before filling and follow these instructions to avoid a serious accident.

3. Refill the blow torch in a well ventilated area away from any source of ignition and other people. Do not smoke while refilling torch.

4. To refill, place torch in an upside down position and insert the nozzle of the butane canister into the refilling valve. Press down on the canister until the gas starts to overflow.

5. Leave for a few minutes before use for gas to stabilise.

6. Do not make amendments or modifications to the Deluxe Cook’s Blow Torch. Do not remove any parts or use components other than those recommended.